Prices are shown inclusive of all taxes. 

In addition to our own instruments, we have various other options – click here for examples.

Adlard Instruments

Violins – £3000

Violas – £4000

Cello – £6000

‘From the Adlard Workshop’ Instruments

Violins – £1500

Violas  – £2000

Cellos – £3000


We have a wide range of bows available.  Taking a leaf out of the great Hill & Sons workshop, we stamp our bows to indicate their quality. The best quality bows are simply stamped Adlard, and below that level Adlard Ltd. We have a special offer on Adlard bows giving 20% off an Adlard bow when bought together with an Adlard instrument.

We also have a range of bows by various makers.

Violin – £250 – £1000

Viola – £250 – £1200

Cello – £350 – £1600