Adlard Violins

Adlard violins are made from the finest maple and spruce. What makes our instruments different is that they are closely modelled on famous historical instruments, stylistically and aesthetically in keeping with the original.

Three instruments we currently offer are:


The ‘Alard’ Amati 

The ‘Dolphin’ Strad

Guarneri Del Gesu


In addition to the different models of instrument, we have two separate categories in order to suit different budgets.

Most of the cost of an instrument is in the cost of the time of the master maker. It can take 250 hours (or considerably more) to make a violin. If you calculate how much that would cost at the rate of say £50 an hour you soon start to see where I’m going with this! Stradivari had 12 people working in his workshop, and often in the great workshops the initial stages of an instrument would have been the work of a more junior and ‘cheaper’ craftsman, with the master maker concentrating on the latter stages of the instrument. This not only allowed a maker to make a greater number of instruments, but to regulate how much time was spent depending on the intrinsic quality of the materials and the model to create a fine instrument, or something superior.

In this manner, our instruments labelled ‘From the Adlard workshop’ are priced at considerably less. Even though they are still excellent instruments, they have received less time from the master maker, therefore reducing their cost to suit a tighter budget, or budding student violinist. The workshop instruments are available in the same models as the Master instruments.

We have other isntruments to suit any budget, click here for more options