About Us

Adlard Violins offer fine hand crafted violins, violas and cellos, with affordable options for students, amateurs and professionals.

We think you won’t find a more attractive instrument with excellent sound qualities for anywhere near the price. Our unique workshop method allows us to provide world-class instruments at a much lower price than our competitors without sacrificing quality.

Adlard violins was established by Robert Adlard, a professional violinist. Robert spent years trying instruments around the world, and understanding the virtue of buying a modern instrument because of the lower price compared to an antique, but with Adlard Violins you get the best of both worlds. A modern violin means you’re not paying antique value, but with Aldard instruments, they have the look and feel of an antique instrument – not simply a pastiche, which is what many modern instruments appear to be. The final piece of the puzzle was following a trip to Stradivari’s workshop in Cremona. 

The main cost of a modern violin is the time spent making the instrument. It can take 250 hours to make a violin from scratch, and so you can do your own calculations about what that might mean for a professional hourly rate! Stradivari employed 12 makers in his workshop, and this meant he didn’t have to make every single thing from scratch himself. With the equally famous Italian master maker, Guarneri Del Gesu, his wife spent a great deal of time making instruments in his workshop, and in time even the experts were not sure which was his work and which was partly hers. This idea allows us to provide a ‘workshop’ version of our instruments which have had less time spent on them by the ‘master’ maker, hence dramatically lowering the cost.  

Please feel free to get in touch with your requirements and we’ll find a way for you to try one of our instruments without any cost or obligation.