‘Alard’ Amati

Adlard violins produce a replica of the Alard Amati, 1649. The original instrument is regarded as an important instrument and the original violin is currently housed in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, where poster images and drawings of the violin can be bought.

Below are images of Adlard Violins’ version of the ‘Alard’ Amati. See further below for more information on this violin.

The famous violin has taken the name ‘Alard’ in honour of a famous owner of the violin, a French virtuoso called Jean-Delphin Alard, and is nothing to do with our own name, although there is of course just one letter difference.

One of the reasons these violins are so popular is because of the dimensions. Strad models were generally a little larger, and often people who are used to modern instruments will be surprised by how small original old Italian instruments feel in comparison. Of course the difference is tiny, but it makes them easier to play, and this is often a factor in someone chosing the Amati or Gel Desu model. You can read more about the instrument by clicking on the Luthier Newsline Autumn edition here